Emerging Sectors

ED/c Partners specializes in creating visibility in emerging sectors. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a recently launched venture in search of greater visibility, or an established entity looking to expand boldly into new markets, we can help create accelerated momentum for your project.

Our private sector clients have included growth-minded companies in the consulting, development, energy, financial services, manufacturing, publishing, professional services and national retailing sectors.

Our latest efforts include work in the emerging biofuels, biomass and forest restoration sectors, with clients exploring alternative energy models, and for clients looking to capitalize on market opportunities created by new technology, legislation, or consumer and cultural preferences.

Lori Martinek has spent much of her career working with business development programs and agencies and is a mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide. She has a passion for helping women, minority and Veteran-owned businesses create traction-ready companies that help create financial independence, and is the founder of the pro bono MindingHerBiz project.

We’ll help you successfully navigate new markets and chart new paths to success.

ED/c Partners